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Get to know how much you’ll save compared to a conventional vehicle!

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The assumptions are as follows:-

  • 1. Average fuel cost petrol: ₹100/L
  • 2. Average fuel cost diesel: ₹87/L
  • 3. Average cost for 1 unit KW charging: ₹10/unit

I drive a

I travel approx

on a

Average highest Fuel Economy = 27 kmpl

Average of EV Car = 10 Km/Unit

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! Fuel Economy cannot be zero.
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Average life of Electric/ Conventional car

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Here are the incredible results of EV compared to traditional vehicles!

You've saved Rs by driving an EV instead of petrol/ diesel cars.
You’ve potentially planted For kms driven.
You’ve also successfully reduced
*The website provides information based on 15-Year Calculation, presenting average values to accurately depict your EV’s running cost. However, please be aware that certain variables may affect the actual results.


Got questions on EV?

What is the Statiq EV calculator?

The Statiq EV calculator helps you calculate the amount of savings from an electric vehicle.

How does it work?

You just have to fill in your daily travel distance, select your vehicle, and enter the mileage of your car. The calculator estimates the total cost of owning a vehicle and compares it with an electric vehicle.

Are the results accurate?

The results are estimates. Actual costs can vary depending on driving conditions, car efficiency, and fuel costs.


What is more cost-effective, a petrol vehicle or an electric vehicle?

An Electric vehicles are more cost-effective. They help you save a significant amount on your fuel expenses and maintenance costs.

If the battery replacement cost of an EV is expensive, then how is it cost-effective?

High battery replacement costs are offset by lower electricity tariffs, less maintenance, extended warranties, a low per kilometer cost, and dropping battery prices

How is the Statiq EV calculator different?

Because with the Statiq EV calculator, you can not only calculate your savings but also the CO2 emissions you will save and the equivalent number of trees you will plant.

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