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Our network consists of both car chargers and bike chargers. Find smart public EV chargers at parking places such as office spaces, shopping malls, residential apartments, restaurant, hotels etc.


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Akshit Bansal

Akshit Bansal | Statiq

AB is an electrical engineer and leads our business. He is passionate about the environment and aims to solve the problem of EV adoption in developing economies. AB is a serial entrepreneur and previously worked with companies like Deloitte.


Raghav Arora

Raghav Arora | Statiq

RA leads our IT team. He is passionate about HMI and artificial intelligence. He has trained and inspired more than 2000 people on AI, ML , data analytics and python.


Akash Deep

Tech Lead
Akash Deep | Statiq

AD has done his Bachelor's in Mechatronics engineering from MIT. With over three years of technical experience at TATA Motors, he worked on process and design optimisations for commercial vehicles. During his education, he was part of a research team which was building India's first driverless car. At Statiq Akash leads the IOT part which includes M2M interface & EVSE design.

Vasu Goel

IOT  Engineer
Vasu Goel | Statiq

VG is an expert graduate from MIT. He has technical experience of three years in Mathematical modelling and simulations. He has worked on building advanced solutions and optimisation techniques for industries to improve the process performance, thus contributing to IIOT. At statiq, he works on building the vehicle supply equipments, analysis

Akshit Bansal


AB is an electrical engineer from MIT. He co-founded Statiq with a vision to make earth a better place to live. At Statiq, he is tackling the problem of EV adoption in developing economies and building sustainable and affordable EV charging infrastructure. He’s been a part of award winning SolarMobil team during his education. Akshit is an ex-electric researcher and has been a writer for The Hindu. 

Raghav Arora


A data scientist and machine learning expert. Co-founder and CTO of Statiq - EV Charging ecosystem, I am developing the IT layer of the solution with my team.
I possess impressive communication skills and people management capabilities. To bring a positive change in society by my actions is my number one aim.

He have trained and inspired more than 2000 people on artificial intelligence and data analytics using python and love building new things to solve real life problems.

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